Excellent coffee, genuine community, unique culture.

Monday - Saturday: 7am - 7pm
Sunday: 8am - 4pm


Who we are.

We are four guys who wanted to open a coffee shop that was more than just a coffee shop. We wanted to embrace and highlight the unique cultures that exist in our beautiful little neighborhood.


What if we cared more about the people than the coffee?

That’s the question we asked ourselves when dreaming this business in to existence. What if we could create a shop that served excellent coffee, but cared more about people than anything else? It sounds so uncontroversial, but it’s so rare. A business that actually places people over profits and products. That is what PH Coffee has set out to be.


The coffee is important, but that’s not what we’re about.

We’re about community. We’re about caring for people and preserving the unique cultures that exist in Pendleton Heights. Really great coffee is just icing on the cake.


Love people?

Want to be a barista?